Retail Industry

The retail industry is constantly evolving, and supply chain management is a vital part of that.


The retail industry is one of the essential industries in the world. It is the link between manufacturers and consumers and is responsible for providing people with all the needed goods and services they need. Therefore, a retail business’s supply chain management (SCM) is of paramount significance.


At Baramati Industrial Services, we offer a full suite of supply chain solutions for Retail, FMGC and E- Commerce Industry. We remain focused on our goal of thriving in the competitive business scenario by providing the best logistics and warehouse facilities.


Network Design

  • Define all characteristics of the distribution network
  • Specify details such as Routes, Dealers, Retailers etc.
  • Facility Sizing, Inventory Profiling, Warehouse Layout

Supply Chain Planning

  • Supply and demand planning across network
  • Transportation planning including load planning, mode / carrier
  • Optimization, load configuration
  • Visibility across the network

Transportation Execution

  • Freight rating, automated mode / carrier selection
  • Load tendering, shipment pickup requests
  • Track and Trace

Warehouse Management

  • Automated, tailor able warehouse functions (e.g. pick, pack)
  • Bar coding support
  • Inventory management capabilities
  • Monitor shipments / Handle exceptions and notify all trading partners
  • Order Processing and Fulfillment
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment Services
  • Retail Fulfillment Services
  • Transportation and Distribution Facilities
  • Organized Inventory Management
  • FMCG Logistics Solutions

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